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New York State Fall Veterinary Conference 2017 Proceedings by Author



Karen Basher, LVT

Anesthesia Consideration For Canine C-Sections and Puppy Revival
To Sleep or Not To Sleep
Quick! Hand Me That Breathe Pipe
Was Anesthetic Gas (WAGs): How Does it Really Affect Us?

Marcela Bicalho (de Souza), DVM
Genomics approach to investigate the uterine microbiology of healthy cows and cows that develop uterine disease

Jordyn Boesch, DVM, DACVAA
Interventional Pain Medicine: What Can We Adapt For Use In Our Patients?

Christophe Bourguignon, DVM and Shana Mintz, DVM
Interventional Pain Medicine: What Can We Adapt For Use In Our Patients?

Dwight Bruno, DVM and Melanie Hemeway, DVM
NYSCHAP Antibiotic Stewardship in Animal Agriculture

Luis Campoy, CertVA, DECVAA, MRCVS
Anesthesia machine checkout

Etienne Cote, DVM, DACVIM
The Incidental Cardiac Murmur: What To Do?
Azotemia and Heart Disease: Finding a Way Out Of the Quandary
Appropriate Use of Pimobendan
Prognosis, Finances, and Practicality of Managing Cardiac Patients
Key Points in Cardiology from Around the World to Ithaca, NY

Christopher Cripps, DVM
Bee Diseases: Trachael Mites and Nosema

Michelle Delco, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Does Stifle Block Impact Foot Lameness?

Mariana Diel de Amorim, DVM, DVSc, DACT
Clinical Cases in Equine Theriogenology

Edward Dubovi, PhD
Influenza viruses in companion animals

Edward Dubovi, PhD and Joy Tomlinson, DVM, DACVIM

Theiler's Disease: Do We Have the "Smoking Gun"?

Norm Ducharme, DVM, DACVS and  Gillian Perkins, DVM, DACVI
Equine News Hour

Edward Earley, DVM, DAVDC/Eq
Case Examinations and Evaluations for Equine Dentistry and Oral Surgery

James Flanders, DVM, DACVS and Philippa Johnson, CertVDI, DECVDI, MRCVS
When to Cut an Intestinal Foreign Bod

James Flanders, DVM, DACVS and Galina Hayes, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVECC
Wound Management: Best of the Experienced and the New

Christina Gardner, LVT
Feline Ophthalmology
Canine and Feline Behavior & Restraint

Frank Garry, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Dairy Animal Welfare ? The Role of Veterinarians
Worker Training and Education to Improve Cattle Welfare
Dairy Cow Death Certificate
Bovine Health Professionals for the Future

Fl?via Giacomazzi, DVM and N. Sydney Moise DVM, MS, DACVIM
Interview: Tips for Longer Symptom-Free Life in Dogs and Cats with Heart Failure

Laura Goodman, PhD and Anil Thachil, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Emerging Techniques in Veterinary Diagnostic Bacteriology - MALDI-TOF and NGS

Rickard Hackett, DVM, MS, DACVS
Complications of Equine Castration

Janice Huntingford, DVM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CVA
Introduction to Herbal Medicine
Common Herbals used in Small Animal Practice
Introduction to Chiropractic and Manual Therapy
Introduction to Chiropractic and Manual Therapy

Samuel Hurcombe, BSc, BVMS, DACVIM, DACVECC
Gastric Ulcers in Horses: Evidence and Controversies

Philippa Johnson, CertVDI, DECVDI, MRCVS and Julie Menard, DVM, DACVECC
When Radiographic Telemedicine Helps and When it Hurts

Ursula Krotscheck, DVM, DACVS
The 15 minute Lameness Exam...And What Comes Next
Hip Lameness and Treatment
Practical Arthrocentesis
Cruciate Disease: Osteotomies
Cruciate Disease: Extracapsular
Pediatric Forelimb Lameness: When it's NOT the Elbow

Eric Ledbetter, DVM, DACVO
Clinical approach to canine and feline conjunctivitis, Part I
Clinical approach to canine and feline conjunctivitis, Part II
General corneal pathologies: clinical recognition and management

Manigandan Lejeune, DVM, PhD, DACVM
Trends in Veterinary Diagnostic Parasitology

John Loftus, DVM, PhD and Sharon Center, DVM
Food for Thought: Nutritional Management of Hepatobiliary and Related Disease Cases

Manuel Martin-Flores, DVM, DACVAA

Practical Tips for Sedation and Anesthesia of Dogs and Cats with Mitral Insufficiency and the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Julie Menard, DVM, DACVECC
The Antimicrobial Talk What Do You Need to Know

Meghan Milbrath, PhD, MPH

The Veterinary Feed Directive Client Veterinary Relationship

Meredith Miller, DVM, DACVIM and Mark Peterson, DVM, DACVIM
Enlarging Thyroid Masses/Cysts in Cats: What Do We Do?

William Miller, DVM, DACVD
Corticosteroids and Skin: When it?s Good, Okay and Bad

Julia Miller, DVM
Part 1: Derm Diagnostics
Part 2: Derm Diagnostics
Update for Antiparasitics in Dermatology

Alexander Navarro, DVM

Backyard Swine Diseases

Herd Health Strategies for NY Backyard Swine Herds

Alan Nixon, DVM, DACVS

Stem Cell Use and Regulations in Horses

David Peck, B.S.
Bee Diseases: Varroa Mite Biology

Lisa Ann Penny, RPh, FSVHP, FACVP
The Things Veterinarians Need to Know From a Pharmacist?
Part I and Part 2: Veterinary Compounding- The Black, the White, and a Whole Lot of Grey

Lisa Ann Penny, RPh, FSVHP, FACVP and Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVM, DACVSNIR
Controlled Substances Part I: Classification, Legislation & Prescriptions
Controlled Substances  Part 2: Record Keeping and Diversion

Mark Peterson, DVM, DACVIM
Can We Predict Underlying Kidney Disease in Untreated Hyperthyroid Cats?
Part 1: Complications of Treatment of Hyperthyrodism in Cats
Part 2: Complications of Treatment of Hyperthyrodism in Cats

Paula Plumner, LVT, VTS

Feline Friendly Handling & Restraint
Not Your Typical Obstruction: Ureteral Obstructions in the Feline Patient Ureteral obstruction in the feline patient
Pearls for Feline Nursing Care
All the Various Viruses
ICU Boot Camp: Everything You Should Know on Day 1!
How to Market Yourself as a Veterinary Technician

John Randolph, DVM, DACVIM
Acromegaly in Cats ? More Common Than We Think?

Ray Rudd, DVM, MS, DACVS
Experience of an Army Veterinarian in Afghanistan
Oncology Surgery for the Practitioner: Splenectomy and other Abdominal Conditions
Oncology Surgery for the Practitioner; To amputate or not?
Oncology Surgery for the Practitioner: Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Limbs ? Surgical Management

Mary Schick, DVM, DACVD

Veterinary Prescribed Shampoos for Dogs & Cats and What Makes Them So Special
Acute Otitis Externa, Simple to Complex: in Origin, Diagnosis, & Therapeutics in Dogs and Cats
What is Chronic Recurrent Bacterial & Yeast Biofilm Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats?

Hailey Scofield

The Honey Bee Colony as a Super-Organism

Megan Shepherd, DVM, PhD, DACVN
Equine Nutrition: The Basics
Feeding the Horse with Issues

Anja Sipka, DVM, PhD
Evaluating Immune Performance In The Transition Dairy Cow

Dennis Slade, DVM, DACVIM
Chronic Enteropathies: Developing and Implementing a Rational Plan
Upper Airway Disease
Lower Airway Disease
The Solitary Adrenal Tumor
Chronic Enteropathies:Case Examples

Belinda Thompson, DVM
Diagnostic Standard of Care: It's More Than Testing or Not Testing

Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN, DACVSMR
NSAIDS and Beyond: Old Dogs; New Tricks

Pamela Walker, DVM, MS DACVIM (LAIM)
Camelids 101 - What you always wanted to know but where afraid to ask!
Common Medical Issues in Camelids
Pregnancy Diagnosis in Camelids and Care of the Pregnant Dam (through birthing)
Triage for the Thin and Geriatric Camelid

Cindy Wolf, DVM
Avoiding Kidding Time Wrecks on Goat Dairies
Tools for Assessing Lamb Morbidity and Mortality to Guide Management Change
Lamb Morbidity and Mortality to Guide Management Change
Year-Round Ram and Buck Management for Optimal Health

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ
Are You a Super Tech
How to Become a Kick A$$ociate
What I Did Right and What I Did Wrong As An Associate
10 Steps To Promote Your Clinic's Surgical Services
C-sections Part 1: From Admission To Anesthesia
C-sections Part 2: From Surgery To Discharge

Cathy Zimmerman, LVT
Practical Tech Tips
Bloodwork and You: It's Not Just for Vets

Martin Zinicola, DVM
The Link Between Postpartum Inflammation And Health And Productivity Of Dairy Cows

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